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Individual TAX Return (ITR)

We offer personalised and transparent tax return assistance, with a focus on delivering a high standard of advice to self-employed and professional individuals. You probably spent your entire year paying tax from your salary so you deserve a relaxed and educational half hour with us to maximise your deductions and get the best outcome on your return.

Company TAX Return (CTR)

A carefully-prepared Company Tax Return will save you money and time and give you peace of mind.

Are you:

Take the worry out of your company tax return and maximise returns with the help of our dedicated experts.

Advantages you get from Ambition Accounting :

Confidence of knowing you minimised your company’s taxes AND remained legally compliant.


Choose the tax agent and accounting services you need, all in one place. Technology that saves you time: Contact experts with online video, phone, or connect and share documents securely on our state-of-the-art client portal no need to waste time on meetings!

That means your company tax return is worry-free, this year and every year!

To help you avoid any unnecessary costs, our team ensures your returns are ATO-compliant. This is achieved by focusing on maximising deductions, offsets, asset structures, business set-up options and financial planning tools. In other words, their careers are all about helping company owners pay the minimum in taxes.

Some company income TAX return basics:

Every registered Australian company must lodge a company tax return each year. Even if you don’t expect to pay any income tax!

A company tax return is specific to your company.

Trained experts in company tax return preparation can help ensure your return is ATO-compliant and avoid ATO audits or penalties.

It’s up to you and your tax agent to minimise the taxes your company pays; the ATO will not do that for you.

As a company owner, you are required to lodge a return for your company AND lodge a separate individual tax return for yourself.

Partnership TAX Return (PTR)

Every partnership must lodge a partnership tax return at the end of each tax year The Ambition Accounting team will help you ensure ATO-compliant lodgement of partnership tax returns, helping to avoid ATO complications while providing personalised advice to reduce tax expenses.

Partnership tax returns are one of the obligations your business needs to meet each year. With Ambition Accounting you can be confident that these are lodged correctly on time.

Trust TAX Return (TTR)

Trust tax structure is very widely used in Australia to reduce tax bills and as an asset protection tool.

If planned properly, trusts can save you a lot of money in tax legally.  We are specialist Trust tax return advisers in Sydney, we don’t believe in just preparing tax returns but advise our clients on various tax saving strategies we built over a long period of time.

Rest assured we guarantee you maximum tax saving not by saying only but doing it for our hundreds of clients.

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