Ambition Accounting

NDIS Plan Manager

Ambition Accounting is a reputable NDIS Plan Management Provider (PMP) that acts as a financial intermediary. As an NDIS Participant, you have the freedom to choose your supports and providers, while we manage the financial aspects of your plan, enabling you to thrive.

Less paperwork and worry

All your NDIS invoices processed accurately and on time, your records stored securely, and any issues with invoices resolved quickly.

A team of experts

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who are thoroughly knowledgeable and current on all aspects of the NDIS. We are dedicated to proactively assisting you in maximizing the use of your funds.

Rapid Reimbursements

Get reimbursed for your NDIS out-of-pocket expenses within just one business day.

Assistance in Managing Your Finances

With our monthly summaries and spending notifications, we ensure you utilize every bit of your NDIS funds effectively to acquire the necessary supports.

Special Deals and Collaborations

Enjoy exclusive customer perks, like our expedited procedure for acquiring an iPad via Officeworks.

Book an appointment

Call us to discuss about your Accounting and Taxation Needs.