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Business Activity Statement

Business Activity Statement Submit Guide Australia

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Business Activity Statement

A Business Activity Statement is a form registered business entities submit to the Australian Taxation Office. It details their tax obligations and includes GST, pays as you go withholding and installments, fringe benefits tax, wine equalization tax, luxury car, and luxury aircraft tax. It also reports the amount of money they make and spend on advertising and marketing. Businesses must complete a Business Activity Statement once every six months or when their revenue falls below a certain threshold.

Business Activity Statement
Business Activity Statement

The ATO has a process for making corrections to a BAS, which can be completed yourself or with the help of a registered tax agent or BAS agent. These agents must be members of the Tax Specialists Council and are registered to assist businesses. They have different deadlines, so you might want to contact a few before making the final decision. In many cases, it may be easier to hire an accountant to file the Business Activity Statement for you.

Submitted BAS

If you have any errors, you can always correct them when you submit your Activity Statement. You can do this by submitting a new BAS after identifying the error. If you have to make changes to an original BAS, the deadline for resubmitting your BAS may be longer. However, the process is simple and you can get an extension if needed. You must always lodge your Business Activity Statement on time to avoid penalties.

Remember that submitting a Business Activity Statement can be a daunting task. It’s essential to have your BAS ready on time. If you miss the deadline by one day, you’ll have to pay a penalty. You can pay for it through installments or apply for a payment plan. As long as you submit your BAS on time, there are no penalties for not submitting it on time.


Benefits of Filling Business Activity Statement

The ATO provides assistance when filing an Activity Statement. A business can pay by installments or with a monthly payment plan. The BAS is still due on time, so make sure to lodge it before the deadline passes. You may also incur a late fee or a penalty charge if you do so. If you miss the deadline, you can always apply for a payment plan for the Business Activity Statement. If you miss the deadline, your income tax return will be delayed.

A Business Activity Statement must be submitted to the Australian Taxation Office. It should include information about your revenue, costs, and expenses. It should include the amount of GST you paid and how much you spent on advertising. The BAS should also include any receipts you received. A BAS should also be filed within a year of the corresponding end of the financial year. The deadline is usually quarterly, so you should submit it no more than once a year.


Importance of BAS Submission

While it may sound intimidating, it is important to comply with the rules and regulations surrounding the Business Activity. By filing the BAS, you will be able to report several types of taxes, including the GST that you collect. Similarly, you will be able to report any fuel tax credits that you have, as well as the Fringe Benefits Tax. In most cases, it is best to submit the BAS two weeks prior to the end of the reporting period.

A Business Activity Statement must be submitted to the ATO for each year. It is a way for a business to report its income and expenses to the ATO. Also, it is important for businesses to ensure that all information is accurate. It is best to engage a registered tax agent to help you with the BAS. The tax agent will also help you with errors and other issues that may occur. The BAS is an important document for your tax return, and it is important to pay attention to it.



The BAS is a must-have for every business in Australia. It must be submitted on a quarterly basis, with some entities required to file them more frequently. A Business Activity Statement is an important document for every company to file if you have a GST liability. You should file the BAS with the ATO before the due date. This is important for two reasons. First, it is important to pay your GST on time.

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